Beacon College has organized the largest-scale Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) mock exams in Hong Kong since 2011. Students from more than 400 secondary schools, including but not limited to traditional prestigious schools and schools of different backgrounds, participate actively in our mock exams every year. There is no doubt that our mock exams are the most representative and widely recognized in Hong Kong. To better serve your school’s needs, we will assign a representative to tailor the education service and teaching materials for your teachers and students.

Designed for Secondary 4 to 6 Students

Subjects: Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics (Compulsory Part), Mathematics Extended Part (Module 1 or 2), Liberal Studies, Economics, Business, Accounting and Financial Studies, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Chinese History & History

Key features:

  • Well-structured professional assessment process including marking of examination papers, detailed marking schemes and result reports & online explanatory videos
  • Professional and exclusive assessment analysis carried out by Assessment International (HK) Limited to enhance the accuracy in examining students’ academic levels against their counterparts in Hong Kong